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"1 in 8 Women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life...I just never thought I would be number 8."


The "Pink Pearl Hero" . about those Pearls

..."a fine pearl is a valuable treasure..."  I'm a mother, wife, sister, friend, entrepreneur, trainer, coach, and now Breast Cancer Survivor. Never in a million years would I believe, "Breast Cancer Survivor" would be a list of my accomplishments.

The question I get most now, is where did the "Pink Pearl Hero" come from? It's a two part answer.  It actually started with me training for the 2018 Peachtree Race in Atlanta (and I finished with pretty good time).  I was training in St. Louis and an older lady stopped me during my run and said, "are you running in your pearls, that's so classy!" Ummmm yep, that's me! The rest is history and that day, pearls became part of the official running wardrobe.

The second part came from research from the National Institute of Health about the Superwoman Schema (Qual Health Res. 2010 May; 20(5): 668–683., Superwoman Schema: African American Women’s Views on Stress, Strength, and Health.)  I realized, as women, moms, wives, sisters, etc. we try to be this "Superwoman" to everyone else and put the most important person to the bottom of the list, us.  Therefore, "In order to be YOUR SuperHero...

I have to be MINE."  The pink, is a little obvious of course, Breast Cancer Awareness. 

For the logo, of course incorporated the Breast Cancer ribbon but added a twist:

  • twisted the ribbon to form a "P"

  • added the pearls to drape and dot the "i"

  • and added black to the pink ribbon to honor the survivors, they are the rarest of "pearls"

The craziest thing about this whole process, is that most of my ideas, came to me, when I was running.

Official running shoes through the mom gifted me a new set of pearls!
Pearls, sunglasses, and  Steelers hat (not shown) official gear for training and race day.  I finished the Peachtree!  This race prepared me for my biggest race, beating breast cancer.
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